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MINT & STRAWBERRY SYRUP Infusion of peppermint with natural strawberry juice and cane sugar.
A sweet, fresh syrup for mixing with water, soda, crushed ice ... For use in cocktails, desserts, ice creams, etc.
With its minty aroma, this bright red syrup makes a perfect addition to a fruit salad.
Ideal for adding spice to ice creams, pancakes and vinaigrett.

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lemon verbena&anise

Infusion of star anise, lemon verbena and cane sugar. A refreshing aromatic syrup.
It can be prepared on its own, with hot water, as a herbal tea. Just like that.
Adds flavour to teas and herbal teas.
Refreshing with cool water, crushed ice or soda.

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THYME & POMEGRANATE SYRUP Infusion of thyme with natural pomegranate juice and cane sugar.
Spectacular aroma and flavour of thyme with the colour, punch and acidity of pomegranate.
Makes a great ice cool drink with water, soda or crushed ice.
Great when added to vinaigrette and other dishes.
Fantastic on ice cream.
For cocktails, gin and tonic, San Franciscos ...

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AP FREE aperitif

Made by marinating gentian root with red fruits and spices, cooked with sugar, which creates a bitter sweet drink for those who prefer their aperitif alcohol free.
Excellent with 50 cc of our aperitif mixed with sparkling water, soda or crushed ice, with a little orange or lemon juice to taste.
Are you familiar with the cocktails that are made with vermouth? Why not lower the alcohol content a little?
Delicious with dry gin.
Fantastic with a drop of vodka, curaçao red, tonic water, a few mint leaves and dried raspberries.
Awesome with whiskey, a few drops of Angostura bitters, ice cold ...
Also great for cooking. Take a look at our recipes.

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