We take fruits and health-giving aromatic herbs from the earth. We love to see how the natural fruit juice runs out of our presses. It moves us to imagine the smells, flavours and magic of the end product. This is how we make our products. They are part of nature, and part of the creation. We hope that you try our flavours with an open mind, and use them in your desserts, soft drinks and cocktails, or simply with soda and lots of ice. The flavour of the fruit and the aromas of our herbs are guaranteed to complement your creative skills. We don’t sell ready-made products; our syrups are like paint for an artist, and your work of art will be born of the mixture of colours and flavours.


Our syrups are designed to be drunk undiluted. For example, mix 30 cc of syrup with 300 cc of water to make a soft drink. This means that one bottle of our product can be used to make 17 soft drinks. A interesting fact: we carried out tests in our laboratories to compare a soft drink prepared with our syrup and a common commercial soft drink. The result was surprising: the common commercial soft drink contained more than 2.5 times more sugar that our soft drink, demonstrating that our syrups are much healthier than other soft drinks. We use top quality cane sugar, avoiding corn sugars and derivatives (dextrose), even though it is more expensive. They do not contain any chemicals,colorants or flavour enhancers, or any preservatives such as potassium sorbate, which poison us little by little ...


Craftsmanship. Traditionally made and natural. Sugar is an ally: it helps to conserve the syrup. Low pH and packaging the product while hot (nearly boiling) gives our product a good degree of stability. However, being a natural product, it needs to be kept in the fridge once it has been opened. We package our products in 500 cc bottles, as we believe that this is the right size for consuming our product relatively quickly. OUR STAR GUESTS Although our syrups are made in Catalonia and specifically at Mas Ca La Coixa, a traditional farmhouse in Tortellà in the beautiful county of La Garrotxa, we imported the recipe, experience and creativity exclusively from a Catalan company in Switzerland: “La Fée des Sirops”. We make our syrups here with its knowledge, advice and roots. Try them and see! La Fée des Sirops offers a product range that is even more specific than our own: Gentian syrup, absinthe syrup, nine-spice syrup ... and they are ground-breaking!

Natural product

At Opció Natural ,we use natural products to make our syrups, many of them with organic certification. We are committed to the environment, and respect it. We really don’t like genetically modified products, and we try to avoid them at all costs.

rural tourism

Our company workshop is located in a traditional Catalan farmhouse: Mas Ca La Coixa. What’s more, this old farmhouse has been a rural guesthouse for 15 years. It is divided into four apartments, each accommodating four people. The whole area is delightful. There are pleasant walks nearby or steeper, more challenging routes, if you prefer. We are next to the Natural Volcanic Park of La Garrotxa. The Costa Brava is one hour away. Guests staying at our farmhouse can buy our syrups at a special price. Take a look at our rural guesthouse here: www.peacefulcatalonia.eu MAS CA LA COIXA, TOURISM REGISTERS: PG-000171-47, PG-000202-60, PG000217-28, PG-000703-10